Marc Alofs verlaat Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Marc Alofs, GM van Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, meldt via linkedin dat zijn avontuur daar ten eind komt na 4,5 jaar actief te zijn geweest bij de opstart en uitbouw van dit prachtige hotel- en restaurantcomplex.

Wij nemen hierna zijn bericht over:  

After 4,5 years, my Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp – adventure comes to an end !
Thankful !
Thankful to our Michelin starred Chefs: Gert De MangeleerJacob Jan Boermaviki geunesRoger van Damme & Thomas Diepersloot
Thankful to all suppliers and especially Jan Jacobs of J&M Catering and Claudia Reichenberger ( creating together a luxury lifestyle refuge with an award-winning spa & health concept ) of Marketing Deluxe
Thankful to the owners
Extremely thankful to the Botanic Team; thanks to my incredibly hard-working team who made it all possible:
The 5*****s The Leading Hotels of the World Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp!
Together, we achieved so much:
-4 Michelin stars and a long list of impressive awards, and there are more to come!
-An endless stream of articles in the world’s quality media and press
-The number 1 position in Belgium
-Making the Botanic a talking point in Europe and beyond
-Re-developing 20.000 square metres of ancient City Centre

A huge bow is due to the team ! I wish Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp all the best; it will always have a very special place in my heart.
Looking forward to the exciting adventures that lie ahead!

Wij wensen Marc alle succes toe bij een volgende uitdaging!

Op de foto (vlnr): Jan Jacobs J&M Catering), Marc Alofs en Viki Geunes (die in juli werd binnengehaald ifv banqueting vanaf 1 september)

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